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about us Ars Veterinaria is a leading veterinary hospital with a 24-hour service specializing in treating diseases affecting dogs and cats since 1978.

It is comprised of more than 70 veterinary professionals whose common goal is to provide high quality service to help and improve the wellbeing of pets by applying maximum scientific rigor and the latest technology.

about us


At Ars Veterinaria you will find comprehensive specialty veterinary care led by internationally recognized European and American specialists.





The mission of Ars Veterinaria is to offer the highest quality comprehensive care in veterinary specialties on a 24-hour basis.

Our commitment to the wellbeing and health of our patients guarantees the best veterinary practice for all the cases we see.





Ars Veterinaria’s vision is to further consolidate its position as a leading center in veterinary specialties by strengthening communication and teamwork with general practitioner veterinarians to provide the highest quality and most rigorous comprehensive health care comparable to human medicine.

Parasitic Conjunctivitis

JUNClinic case

Parasitic Conjunctivitis in the Collie breed

Parasitic conjunctivitis accounts for 1-2% of all conjunctivitis cases. It is important to note that the disease is caused by the Thelazia species nematode, in particular T. Callipaeda, which is most common in canines and with higher incidences in warm areas like Andalusia and Extremadura. We often find it hidden in the ventral conjunctival sac and a thorough ophthalmological exam will help us find them.