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Take the following steps to refer a clinical test to Ars Veterinaria:

Paso 1

1. What is the right department?

If you are unsure as to which department you should refer the case, check the ASSESSMENT SERVICE once registered in our website.

Once you have resolved this question, continue with the following steps.

Paso 2

2. Notify and arrange visit

Arrange a time and date by calling the hospital

93 285 84 00

This can be done by the owner or the referring veterinarian, although we prefer that you contact us directly in case some aspect needs to be clarified, for example, making an appointment for a diagnostic test on the same day as the visit.

Paso 3

3. Email the clinical history

Before the patient arrives at Ars Veterinaria, Veterinaria, email the clinical history and additional testing performed to with a copy to

and indicate PATIENT-CLIENT- REFERRAL in the subject line. Otherwise, you can fill out the case referral form that you will find once you are registered on our web.



In case of an emergency referral, ALWAYS contact the Hospital directly by telephone at

93 285 84 00

and then go on to the third step for referring cases.