Ophthalmology Department

The Ophthalmology Department at Ars Veterinaria is dedicated to diagnosing and treating eye disorders in pets. The Department provides a complete range of diagnostics, microsurgery techniques and therapeutic options for treating eye problems on a 24-hour basis for cases referred by our fellow veterinarians as well as for clients whose pets have eye problems.

The Ophthalmology Service at Ars Veterinaria also offers an Eye Registry Examination Certificate and genetic testing for some of the eye disorders found in our patients.

Complete ophthalmology care includes the use of diagnostic methods like slit lamp, applanation and rebound tonometry, fundoscopy and gonioscopy examinations. The Ophthalmology Service also has access to the latest generation of equipment for our veterinary patients. These include phacoemulsification, electroretinogram (ERG), ocular ultrasound at 15 MHz, digital radiography and CT and MRI scans.

Our hospital has a positive pressure operating room equipped for both intra and extra-ocular surgery. Surgical procedures performed include:

Phacoemulsification surgery (cataracts) with intraocular implants and capsular tension rings.

Paracentesis and biopsies for diagnosing purposes.

Lens luxation surgery.

Cornea surgery: corneal grafts, biomaterial grafts, corneo-conjunctival transpositions and keratectomies.

Conjunctival surgery: neoplasms, embryonic defects, ectopic cilia and alterations in the nictitating membrane.

Lacrimal apparatus surgery: imperforate lacrimal puncta, traumatic lacerations and diagnosis of the lacrimal system by imaging.

Palpebral surgery: reconstructions, neoplasia, traumatic lacerations and cryo-application in cases of distichiasis.

Glaucoma surgery: as cyclophotocoagulation by laser, flitration surgery (gonioimplants) and intravitreal injections.

Enucleation and evisceration surgery using prosthesis.


Referring veterinary centers can contact us by calling 93 285 84 00 or by email to oftalmologia@arsveterinaria.es




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