Oncology Department

Cancer needs a multidisciplinary approach. In our hospital, cancer patients benefit from the collaboration of internal medicine, surgery and imaging specialists. Neurological tumors will be managed by our Neurology and Oncology Departments.

Early and accurate diagnosis is essential for treating cancer and knowing the location and severity of the disease. We have state-of-the-art advanced imaging equipment, including magnetic resonance (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) available on site.

We understand the anxiety and concerns that arises when a pet is diagnosed with cancer. We strive to support owners throughout the course of the disease by offering detailed information about the prognosis and treatment options. Quality of life is our main priority.  We expect the treatment will maintain or improve quality of life.

We offer surgery, chemotherapy or electrochemotherapy (a technique that combines chemotherapy with electrical stimuli that offers excellent results in squamous cell carcinomas in cats). We also offer the possibility of participating in clinical trials in certain tumors.

Some of the tumors that we diagnose and frequently treat include lymphomas and leukemia, mast cell tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, mammary tumors, hemangiosarcoma, histiocytic sarcomas, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and myeloma.

Referring veterinary centers can contact us by calling 93 285 84 00 or by email to medicinainterna@arsveterinaria.es


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