Pachi Clemente

ACVIM Diplomate (Oncology)
Head of the Oncology Service

After graduating in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad de Extremadura in 1993, Pachi began practicing at a small animal clinic in Valencia, specializing in oncology.

In 2003, he moved to the La Merced Clinic (Calpe, Spain), where he combined his private clinical practice with an associated professorship at the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. He also headed the oncology service of that university hospital. 

In 2012, he began a residency in oncology at the American College of Internal Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University, where he also took a master’s degree in Comparative and Veterinary Medicine, which he completed in July 2015.

Pachi currently practices veterinary oncology at La Merced Clinic and heads the Oncology Department at Ars Veterinaria.

He is a Diplomate of the American College of Internal Veterinary Medicine, in the specialty of oncology, and he has published articles in national and international veterinary science journals as well as several book chapters on oncology and hematology. Pachi Clemente has presented papers at national and international conferences (ACVIM forum, Veterinary Cancer Society) and been a guest speaker at conferences in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

Chapters of books:

1. Abordaje del paciente oncológico

Publication date 2017  

Description of the publication: Manual Clínico de Medicina Interna en pequeños animales.

Improve International. 5M Publishing
2. Médula ósea

Publication date 2013  

Description of the publication: Análisis clínicos en pequeños animales.

Jose Joaquín Cerón
3. Oncología

Publication date  2008  

Description of the publication: Manual del ATV.

J. Engel Manchado y L. García Guasch


1. Human Genetic Relevance and Potent Antitumor Activity of Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibition in Canine Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines

Publication date 2015  

Description of the publication: PLOS ONE
2. Clinical Effects of a Plant Extract Mixture Containing Rhus verniciflua and Other Herbs in Tumor Bearing Dogs

Publication date 2016  

Description of the publication Journal of Cancer Therapy
3. Quimioterapia Antiangiogénica Metronómica

Publication date 2013  

Description of the publication Clínica Veterinaria de pequeños animales
4. Hematología del Galgo Español Utilizando el analizador hematológico LaserCyte (Idexx)

Publication date 2011  

Description of the publication Clínica Veterinaria de pequeños animales
5. Serological Study of Selected Vector-Borne Diseases in Shelter Dogs in Central Spain Using Point-of-Care Assays

Publication date 2010

Description of the publication Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
6. Injerto autólogo cubital como complemento a una mandibulectomía parcial para el tratamiento de un tumor de células escamosas

Publication date 2007  

Description of the publication Clínica Veterinaria de Pequeños Animales.