Radioiodine Department

Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrinopathy in cats, with a reported median age of 12–13 years at the time of diagnosis. Treatment options include the use of anti-thyroid drugs, thyroidectomy, radioiodine administration and dietary iodine restriction.

Radioiodine therapy (I-131) is considered the treatment of choice because of its curative outcome, high success rate, non-invasiveness, low prevalence of complications and longer survival time. It is as easy as a single injection just under the skin (like a routine feline vaccine). The I-131 treatment is absorbed quickly into the cat's bloodstream and, once in the thyroid, it destroys the overactive - diseased portions of the thyroid gland.

A short stay in the hyperthyroidism treatment facility is required by law until the level of radiation falls to an acceptable level. 

The Ars Veterinaria Hospital has recently been recognized by the Nuclear Safety Council for the administration of Iodine I-131 and Technetium Tc-99.

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