Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department

The Ars Veterinaria Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service focuses on the teeth diagnosis and treatment as well as on the rest of the oral cavity and facial region.

Oral treatments include all specialties:

  • Periodontics: diagnosis and treatment, both surgical and medical, of the diseases of the tooth support structures: gingiva, oral mucosa and alveolar bone.
  • Endodontics: diagnosis and surgical treatment of the pulp cavity.
  • Orthodontics: diagnosis and treatment of dental occlusion problems by orthodontic devices.
  • Prosthodontics and restorative dentistry: diagnosis and treatment of carious lesions (cavities) as well as coronal defects, with special mention to the metal crowns.
  • Oral surgery: Surgical treatment of dental and oral lesions not included in the previous specialties, such as tooth extraction.

The oral diagnosis is based on the exhaustive examination of the oral cavity as a whole; as well as the radiographic study of the teeth and their anchorage bones. The oral exam is recorded on the patient's dental record. Photographs and digital intra oral radiographies are also part of the diagnostic and treatment record file.

The treatments are made with the latest generation of dental materials according to specific techniques for pets.

The Service also offers diagnosis and maxillofacial treatments in its oncological and orthopedic aspects. The Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service and the Soft Tissue Surgery Service work synergistically in those scenarios.

The Service has its own operating room (or), furnished with state of the art equipment and digital intra-oral radiology system.

Experienced dental prosthetic laboratories manufacture, under the supervision of the head of the Service, custom orthodontic devices for each patient. For the manufacture of prosthetic crowns we work with a dental laboratory only dedicated to this art.

In the case of being a patient referred from another center, contact us by calling 93 285 84 00 or by writing to



Marta Coll


Head of Department


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