Wound Treatment Department

Wound management is a branch of the surgery specialization that aims to diagnose and provide specialized care for all types of skin lesions:

  • Injuries: bites, hit by car, burns...
  • Chronic wounds: pressure ulcers, infections, fistulas...
  • Postsurgical complications
  • Tumors involving skin tissue

Treatment goals include:

  • Complete wound healing
  • Promoting patient quality of life
  • Reduce healing times
  • Avoid unnecessary amputations
  • Skin reconstruction of defects of oncologic or traumatic origin

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive care, with cutting-edge techniques and procedures
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Hospitalization and intensive care
  • Scheduled and emergency surgeries

When needed, we also have the support of the other specialists in our hospital to diagnose and treat the primary disease that caused the injury.

Referring veterinary centers can contact us by calling 93 285 84 00 or by email to heridas@arsveterinaria.es



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