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Welcome to the new Ars Veterinaria webpage

Welcome to the new Ars Veterinaria webpage! Our goal is to keep you up to date on internal as well as scientific news. At the same time, we are very proud to introduce all our Hospital staff.

New Hospital Ars Veterinaria
Ars Veterinaria has moved to a new hospital

We have been caring for our patients at our new Hospital at Carrer Cavallers 37 in Barcelona since September 12. The Hospital has 7 floors with more than 3,000 m² of surface area and 1000 m² of garden area.

Parasitic Conjunctivitis
Parasitic Conjunctivitis in the Collie breed

Parasitic conjunctivitis accounts for 1-2% of all conjunctivitis cases. It is important to note that the disease is caused by the Thelazia species nematode, in particular T. Callipaeda, which is most common in canines and with higher incidences in warm areas like Andalusia and Extremadura. We often find it hidden in the ventral conjunctival sac and a thorough ophthalmological exam will help us find them.

Continuing education for referring veterinarians
Continuing education for referring veterinarians

Last January we started the continuing education program for referring veterinarians. Our objective is to share knowledge that enhances our daily practice as well as to bring awareness to new alternative therapies.

imaging services
Ars Veterinaria now has new In-House imaging services

The opening of the new Ars Veterinaria facility has brought some significant changes such as the internalization of the imaging services by incorporating the 1.5T high field Magnetic Resonance (MRI) machine and Computerized Tomography (CT) scan equipment.