Dose of Radioiodine in hypertiroid cats

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of radioiodine treatment of hyperthyroid patients and achieve 95% success, it is vital to choose the correct dose for each patient.

Revista Científica Española de Medicina Interna de Pequeños Animales

Last month, a clinical case of our colleagues Luis Feo (Dipl ECVIM-CA), Laura Izquierdo (LV, MS) and Jordi Puig (Dipl ACVIM and ECVIM-CA) was published in the new Journal called Revista Científica Española de Medicina Interna de Pequeños Animales of Internal Medicine of Small Animals about Granulomatous Colitis in a French Bulldog.

New Dentistry and Oral Surgery service at Ars Veterinaria

This January, Ars Veterinaria has developed and started a new Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service by Ignacio Velazquez, veterinary graduate who after completing the residency in this specialty at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) has joined our clinical team.

Radioiodine Training Sessions

With the activation of the new Radioactive Iodine Service at Ars Veterinaria we are conducting training sessions for veterinarians since last November at our hospital and the different Catalonian Veterinary Official Schools on the management of radioiodine treatment.

Radioiodine Therapy: New service at Ars Veterinaria

Since last November, at Ars Veterinaria we have started a new service of radioiodine to treat hyperthyroid cats.

Elbow Dysplasia
Scientific activities Ars Veterinaria/Bioibérica: Seminar on Elbow Dysplasia

On 4 October, a one-day seminar on elbow dysplasia was held at the Ars Veterinaria hospital as part of the collaboration between Bioibérica and Ars Veterinaria.

Arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy in an english bulldog

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a primary heart muscle disease mainly affecting Boxers, although it has also been reported in other breeds with a familial predisposition, such as the English bulldog or the American Staffordshire.

New Hospital Ars Veterinaria
Ars Veterinaria has moved to a new hospital

We have been caring for our patients at our new Hospital at Carrer Cavallers 37 in Barcelona since September 12. The Hospital has 7 floors with more than 3,000 m² of surface area and 1000 m² of garden area.