Anesthesia department

Our hospital’s anesthesia department takes care of our patients requiring sedation, anesthesia or analgesia management. In veterinary medicine, anesthesia it is not only needed for surgeries, but also for diagnostic procedures such as magnetic resonance, computed tomography, electromyography or orthopedic examinations.

To ensure an individual anesthetic protocol, all our patients undergo a physical examination and a complete blood panel and other imaging diagnoses as needed.

During the procedure requiring anesthesia, every parameter is monitored closely including electrocardiography, pulsi oximetry, capnography, arterial pressure and other techniques.

Our anesthetic team is highly qualified and uses sophisticated anesthetic machines and monitoring equipment. Our priority is to lower the stress and pain of our patients as much as possible to make their stay comfortable.


Inma Beas

INMA BEAS Veterinarian

Head of Department