We have the necessary facilities at Ars Veterinaria for our veterinary and assistant staff to work as closely coordinated team with the various disciplines in the Hospital.


What is a Veterinarian Specialist?

The qualification of European or American Veterinarian Specialist is the highest degree of internationally recognized veterinary specialization. The Diplomate is granted to veterinarians that have received certification from the European Board of Veterinary Specialists or American Board of Veterinary Specialists. They are the only veterinarians considered specialists worldwide.




anestesiologia anesthesia Our hospital’s anesthesia service takes care of our patients requiring sedation, anesthesia or analgesia management... Medicina comportamiento Behavioral Medicine Behavioral Medicine Services analyzes treats and prevents behavior problems in dogs and cats... Cardiología Cardiology The Cardiology Department is part of Ars Veterinaria’s overall pet care. We use advanced technology and provide care to referring... Patología clínica Clinical pathology The laboratory at Ars Veterinaria uses various techniques, materials and methods to confirm or eliminate the diagnosis of a disease... Dermatología dermatology The Dermatology Department at Ars Veterinaria is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, ear and nail diseases... Diagnóstico imagen diagnostic imaging Diagnostic imaging allows veterinary surgeons to look inside the body of an animal in a non-invasive way to obtain more information about... Medicina general General medice The General Medicine Department at Ars Veterinaria handles primary care, diagnosis and therapeutic protocol for all medical problems... UCI hospitalization and icu Ars Veterinaria has a large hospitalization area with different rooms for dogs, cats, animals with infections and animals in critical... Medicina interna Internal medicine The Internal Medicine Department investigates and treats complex medical problems including infectious... Neurología Neurology Neurosurgery The Neurology and Neurosurgery team at Ars Veterinaria is made up of experienced veterinarians with advanced training... Nuclear Medicine radioiodinenew Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrinopathy in cats, with a reported median age of 12–13 years at the time of diagnosis... Oncología oncology Cancer needs a multidisciplinary approach. In our hospital, cancer patients benefit from the collaboration of internal medicine... oftalmología icon Ophthalmology The Ophthalmology Department at Ars Veterinaria is dedicated to diagnosing and treating eye disorders in pets... Traumatología Orthopedics Our orthopedics services provide care and treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions in dogs and cats... Tejidos Blandos Soft tissue surgery The Ars Veterinaria surgery team is made up of highly qualified professionals who undergo continuous training. All our surgeons... Curas Wound treatment Wound management is a branch of the surgery specialization that aims to diagnose and provide specialized care for all types of skin lesions... odontologia icon Dentistry and Oral Surgery The Ars Veterinaria Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service focuses on the teeth diagnosis and treatment as well as on the rest of the oral cavity and facial region.